Bioplastic baby training cup creamy white

3390 Ft

Teach your baby to drink independently with the help of the Familym eco-friendly training cup!

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Bioplastic baby training cup creamy white
1 × Baby training cup creamy white packaging
Decorative cardboard packaging made of recycled paper.
700 Ft
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According to experts, in the first 6 months of a baby’s life, breast milk provides all the necessary nutrition and liquids. But after these 6 months, babies need more liquids, so besides weaning, it’s recommended to add liquids to their diet as well. Regardless of whether a baby is fed with breast milk of formula, it’s important that the liquids (which should be water or unsweetened tea) should be consumed from a cup. This way, the baby won’t keep the drink in their mouth as they would with feeding bottles, but rather swallows it right away.

Learning to drink independently is a long process, and a training cup can help in the first steps. With this drinking cup the liquid won’t spill over, your baby will have an easy time learning how to raise the cup to their mouth. The head with a beak help them by providing a familiar, easy technique for drinking while not causing confusion with the feeding bottle as it is harder than the silicon head of the feeding bottle, and your baby won’t need sucking motion to be able to drink.

  • – We recommend them from 6 months of age
  • – 100% natural
  • – Microwavable
  • – Dishwasher safe
  • – Available in 5 colors
  • – Free from BPA and melamin
  • – 200 ml capacity
  • – 10 cm height