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Join the family of the Familym brand by becoming a retailer

The story of Familym began with our journey into parenthood, where we became concerned about our child’s future and the importance of environmental protection in our lives. We noticed the lack of eco-friendly baby products, especially tableware, which inspired us to embark on several years of development to be able to offer plant-based, plastic-free, safe, and durable alternatives.

With our self-manufactured tableware, we aim to make the daily lives of conscientious parents easier while providing environmentally friendly solutions. Our extensive experience in manufacturing guarantees the excellent quality of our products, and the necessary laboratory tests ensure that our tableware is harmless to babies and children.

By choosing Familym products, every mindful parent can contribute to a more beautiful and greener future because every step counts!

Why become a reseller partner with Familym?

  • Be among the first to offer eco-friendly baby tableware
  • Maximum safety – products free from BPA, melamine, and all other toxic substances
  • Thoughtful design – unique, practical, and durable baby tableware
  • Significant reseller discounts
  • Fast service due to in-house manufacturing
  • We provide images, texts, and branding elements

If you would like to become our partner and sell Familym brand products, please contact us! We will get in touch with you soon.

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