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We don’t need to introduce the negative effects that disposable plastic has on the environment.

The expected decay time of plastic products, PET bottles and plastic bags is around 200-1000 years. Seeing the data, it is our duty to consider eco-friendly, recyclable or easily degradable alternatives to make sure that we create a livable planet for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Familym növényi bio műanyag
Familym növényi bio műanyag
Familym növényi bio műanyag

Eco-conscious alternatives for plastic

We have great opportunities in many areas of our lives to protect our world while not giving up our consumer goods. This is how the plastic bags were replaced by tote bags, the plastic bottles were replaced by flasks, and the traditional toothbrushes got replaced by bamboo toothbrushes. There are some products however that require plastic to keep up the quality. Fortunately, thanks to the technological advancements we now have a change to produce eco-friendly plastic.

környezetbarát műanyag
környezetbarát műanyag
környezetbarát műanyag

What is eco-friendly plastic?

Our baby tableware is made of natural, plant-based plastic, which mostly consists of organically derived starch, cellulose, natural wax, fibers, additives and minerals. The components of our material are 100% renewable resources. In contrast to plastics of fossil origin, the production of bioplastics has a smaller ecological footprint and produces much less greenhouse gases.

If all that weren’t enough, the material we chose can be industrially composted. But what is composting?

We call all products compostable that can degrade both in a domestic (in the garden) and in an industrial environment. The industrially compostable (DIN EN ISO 14855) plastic has the specialty that the degrading process only starts in industrial settings, which means that the products work perfectly without starting degrading while using them at home.

The Familym products are premium quality and eco-friendly solutions. They are made out of natural materials, so they will not damage your health at all! They are easy to clean, and you can use them to serve cold or warm food to your children.


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