Bioplastic baby dinner set from 6 months mint

6690 Ft

The weaning should be a fun adventure! From 6 months, choose the 100% natural, eco-friendly dinner sets of Familym!

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Bioplastic baby dinner set from 6 months mint
1 × Baby dinner set from 6 months mint packaging
Decorative cardboard packaging made of recycled paper.
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If your baby is 6 months old, you can start the weaning process. In these times, the most important thing is that you introduce new tastes to your baby, that they learn how to use a spoon, and in the long run, they should learn how to drink independently. The weaning will be a whole new experience for everyone involved, and the Familym products are the perfect choice for it.

The 6 months set includes all the products that you would need in this period. You can offer the vegetable or fruit purees in a bowl using a feeding spoon. Our products are light and easy to use, so you can feed your baby using one hand, but the ergonomic design provides a chance for the baby to discover new tastes on their own. Besides food, you can also introduce drinks to your child with the Familym training cup.

  • – We recommend them from 6 months of age
  • – 100% recyclable
  • – 100% natural
  • – Microwavable
  • – Dishwasher safe
  • – Available in 5 colors
  • – Free from BPA and melamin
  • – Bowl: 300 ml capacity, 15 cm diameter
  • – Training cup: 200 ml capacity, 10 cm height
  • – Feeding spoon: 17 cm length